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Neighbourhood Plan latest


As we move closer to a neighbourhood plan for Lewes a draft Plan is nearing completion, based upon the contributions of visitors to our exhibitions and workshops over the last two years and work done by community representatives who form our Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.  The group has been working hard to give a 'final polish' to text and policy ideas, ready to publish a draft for consultation with all residents and businesses. Outline policies on themes such as transport and protection of the town's heritage; potential sites for new homes and ideas for design,with supporting arguments, will be presented and must be refined in light of YOUR comments before we are ready to produce the final Plan, so ….


PLEASE read the latest on www.lewes4all.uk

All contributions, however small, are valuable!

There will be opportunities to comment on the draft plan during a six-week consultation which we will begin in May 2017, including a public exhibition/drop-in workshop in the Corn Exchange and a questionnaire that will be delivered door-to-door and available online. Feedback from those exercises will inform the final changes to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that will help us to influence the development of Lewes up to 2030.

2017 Civic Awards scheme

2017 Civic Awards for community heroes



Lewes Town Council is delighted to announce the 2017 annual ‘Lewes Civic Awards’. 


The awards are to celebrate the silent stars working tirelessly among us and in recognition of outstanding service to the people of Lewes.  The Council calls on people across the town to put forward nominations for the awards and we want you, the public, to tell us about people in your community who achieve great things or go above and beyond what is expected of them.


Nominations are invited in the categories of Arts, Community, Environment, Heritage and Sports with a deadline for applications of 31st January 2017.  The judging panel will then consider all nominations and the awards will be presented in April 2017.  Each person selected will receive a certificate plus a cheque for £100 payable to a charity of their choice, and a special enamelled lapel badge.


If you or your organization would like to nominate an individual, you must be able to demonstrate that before or during 2016 that person has made a material contribution to the advancement, well being and welfare of the community of Lewes, supported charitable work carried out in the Town in a voluntary capacity, or demonstrated outstanding Citizenship.  We know that there are many such unsung heroes out there, and we want to highlight their efforts and the benefits they bring to the town and the people in it 

Nomination forms can be obtained from Lewes Town Hall or downloaded from this website by clicking here


WELCOME to our website!

Lewes Town Council is one of the 300 largest of the 10,000-or-so Parish Councils in England and Wales, with expenditure budgeted at just over £1million. It is the successor to Lewes Borough Council, which was incorporated in 1881.  We are based at the Town Hall, in the High Street, which has been the home of Lewes’ local Council since 1893.

Please explore our website; the menus above offer a variety of information and we  add to this all the time.  If you can't find what you are looking-for; please let us know.


The Council comprises eighteen elected members – six representing each of three electoral wards (Bridge, Castle, and Priory), and it employs fourteen staff (8 full-time).  Council meets approximately every five weeks and often creates working-parties for large projects or short tasks.  These can co-opt additional members from the community.

Planning applications are considered by a standing committee that meets every three weeks, and there are functional panels for internal matters: Personnel, and Internal Audit/Corporate Governance. A third; the financial Grants Panel, assesses grant applications from voluntary & community sector organizations, and agrees an annual total of over £50,000 in amounts ranging between £50 and £2,000.

We own The Pells, where the open-air pool is operated for us each summer by a local community charity, the Pells Pool Community Association, and Lewes Priory (let to a tenant: Lewes Priory Trust). We own and operate the Town Hall and the All Saints Centre - run as venues for hire, and offering activities ranging from dance-classes; tai-chi; cinema, and a toy-library, to world-class sculpture exhibitions (Auguste Rodin, Anthony Caro, Henry Moore, David Nash); weddings; and musical and theatre events of all types. We also own the Bridgeview (Malling) Community Centre, which is managed for us by the Malling Community Association. We influence town planning and tourism, and provide various local amenities such as litter bins; bus-shelters and other street furniture.  We offer more than 200 allotment plots over our seven sites across the town, and are joint owners of the 44 hectares (approx 110 acres) of open downland at Landport Bottom.

We can financially support or enhance the local functions of other tiers of government, and other public services, such as financing additional environmental cleansing or providing funds for police-monitored CCTV (we pay for the cameras in the town).  All our expenditure is financed either direct from our precept on Council Tax, from reserves or from third-party funds such as National Lottery schemes.  Borrowing for our sector of government is strictly-controlled and requires the consent of the Secretary of State.

This is a time of change in local government, and Parish Councils face an even busier future with the latest initiatives focussed upon localism.  We are recognized as the tier closest to the community, whilst District and County Councils play a more strategic role (transport; health; housing; education etc.).  Parishes are offered a more active role, if they want it, than at any time since the last “big” local government reorganization in 1974.

With the economic climate forcing reviews of the mechanisms and funding of local government at Principal Authority level (County; District and Unitary councils), it is likely that many non-statutory (often called “discretionary”) services; land and property assets etc may be devolved to Parish Councils.  Lewes Town Council considers itself well-placed to address any additional responsibilities or duties, and we look forward to the next few years with interest!


Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2QS   (  01273 471469   8  info@lewes-tc.gov.uk






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