Town Council Financial Grants

Lewes Town Council offers limited financial grants to qualifying organizations.

The aim of our financial grants scheme is to help promote a vibrant and active local community. The Council recognises and supports the valuable contribution made by many voluntary groups and organizations (often very small) in the fields of arts; sport; culture; social care; services for children and young adults; services for the elderly and people with disabilities; and many others who contribute to the well being of the local community.

We will consider financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of residents, with the intention of improving the range of services and activities in the town. We do not normally support commercial organizations.  There is a Grants Fund agreed within our annual budget for us to give away during the year, and grants up to £2,000 are disbursed four times each year. Larger sums may be considered, but you should discuss this with the Town Clerk before submitting an application.  Applications  can be made for help towards a special project, or the everyday running costs of your organization.

We assess the grant applications we have received in four ’rounds’ each year, although they can be submitted at any time – please see below for the current timetable.

Please click here* for the complete information pack, which includes details of the scheme, an application form, and guidance for applicants.


Covid-19 Coronavirus Emergency  The planned annual programme of grant assessments (below)is suspended.

The Council has earmarked funds which may be available to community groups and organizations working to assist the town community during the crisis.  These may be existing community groups and associations (eg foodbanks), or simply small groups of neighbours who have formed since the emergency began to help each other and others in their area.

Guidance on how to apply, and an application form are available here

  1. Read these guidance notes
  2. DOWNLOAD the application and save it to your computer.
  3. RENAME the application file appropriately, to identify it as your application.
  4. OPEN the renamed file and complete all sections electronically.
    1. It is possible to SAVE the part-completed form at any point and return to it later.
    2. You will be asked to digitally SIGN the form in two places – simply follow the prompts to do this.
    1. Ensure you SAVE the file for your own records and then
    2. send it, with any additional documents, as an email attachment to:







DATES FOR 2020/21 are below, an Application Pack will be available shortly (policy currently under review)

Please note, this may be downloaded for printing and submission but we regret cannot be completed on-line.


(delivered to Town Hall by 4:00pm)

Assessment Panel meets

(approval in-principle)



22nd May 2020 10th June 2020 18th June 2020
4th September 2020 16th September 2020 8th October 2020
20th November 2020 2nd December 2020 17th December 2020
29th January 2021 10th February 2021 4th March 2021

There is a limited budget each year for grants and the amounts requested often exceed the fund available. It is important that applicants provide a detailed picture of their project or of the activities of their organisation within the town.

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