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Allotments service working party

  • To consider proposals for changes in allotment policy and management, eg revision of policy and rules; introduction of eco-friendly practices; wider tenant responsibilities; allocation of tenancies and potential to reduce the nett cost of the service.
  • The Working Party to focus upon rules and guidance that accord with the Council ‘visioning’ priority of environmentally-sound practices (and wider Government policy); that address current ‘work-around’ anomalies, and that create a positive environment for allotment holders wishing to engage more fully with sound environmental practices. Further; to consider potential for additional low or zero-cost activities to promote good ecological practice on allotments.
  • To formulate recommendations in time for introduction for the 2021/22 year

Matthew Bird, Richard Burrows, Stephen Catlin, John Lamb, Imogen Makepeace, Dr Wendy Maples, Shirley-Anne Sains, Emily Clarke,



30 Jun 2022
Minutes: Allotments service working party 30th June 2022
Agenda: Allotments service working party 30th June 2022

02 Feb 2021
Minutes: Minutes Allotments Service Working Party 2nd February 2021

13 Jan 2021
Agenda: Agenda Allotments service Working party 13th January 2021
Minutes: Minutes Allotments service Working Party 13th January 2021