Malling (Bridgeview) Community Centre regeneration project

The latest developments in the project to refurbish this Centre are:

  1. Council has obtained necessary Ministerial approval to borrow to finance any funding gap after taking account of the money it has already saved and the success (or otherwise!) of a round of grant-hunting, which will focus on cost elements for the project (such as dedicated sports facilities/sustainable energy elements etc).
  2. The building contractors will take possession of the centre in early March 2020; and it will remain available for use up to the end of February.
  3. The work is scheduled to take 20 weeks.
  4. We are agreeing a partnership with Wave Leisure Trust to run the Centre once it is rebuilt. Existing users will be recognized in that arrangement, and we will let them know more as those discussions progress.

Once started, the duration of the rebuilding work will be twenty weeks, and we regret that the Centre will not be available for use during this period, as it will include relocation of walls; roofing; complete electrical re-wiring, and comprehensive updating of all plumbing and interior fixtures and fittings etc.

Regretfully, we are unable to provide an alternative venue for any closure period.

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