Application pack

The Council has restarted its normal programme of financial grants for the community, after a brief closure due to the Covid-19 emergency.  The Emergency fund we set up will continue to accept applications until the fund is exhausted – please see below for more information.

Alongside larger grants each year to organizations like Citizens’ Advice and support for community bus services, the Council has for over 20 years operated a scheme that has aided hundreds of community groups and organizations with cash grants to support their projects or, sometimes, their basic running costs

The objectives of the scheme are to help maintain a vibrant community sector in the town, with particular emphasis on groups and non-commercial organizations who support the Council’s vision which covers

  • Sustainable transport, related infrastructure & signage, cycling routes, bus transport
  • Openness: engagement; consultation; partnership
  • Trees and biodiversity; wildlife and the environment; Open spaces
  • Support for foodbanks and the disadvantaged

We will consider financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of the community. We do not normally support commercial organizations.  The Grants Fund is agreed within our annual budget and grants up to £2,000 are disbursed four times each year. Larger sums may be considered, but you should discuss this with the Town Clerk before submitting an application.  Applications  can be made for help towards a special project, or the everyday running costs of your organization.

We assess the grant applications we have received in four ’rounds’ each year, although they can be submitted at any time – please see the timetable for the year on the cover of the Application Pack.

Please click here for the complete information pack, which includes details of the scheme; timetable for the year;  an application form, and guidance for applicants.  NOTE – applications will only be accepted by e-mail.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Emergency Fund  The Council earmarked a fund available to community groups and organizations working to assist the town community during the crisis.  These may be existing community groups and associations (eg foodbanks), or simply small groups of neighbours who have formed since the emergency began to help each other and others in their area.

Applications to this scheme can still be made, and will be accepted until the earmarked fund is exhausted.  Guidance on how to apply, and an Emergency Fund application form are available  here.

NOTE – applications will only be accepted by e-mail.