Grants Panel


Richard Burrows

James Herbert

Shirley-Anne Sains

Ruth O’Keeffe

Kate Wood

Imogen Makepeace

Dr Wendy Maples


The panel is tasked to assess applications for financial grant, following principles of the council’s Community Grants Scheme, and to make recommendations to council.

• The Grants Panel will meet four times per year, in accordance with a published annual schedule
• There is no public or applicant access to meetings of the panel
• The panel is not required to justify its recommendations, but is asked to consider any helpful comments that may be made to assist applicants who are either denied a grant or offered an amount less than that applied for
• The panel is asked to make its recommendations with due regard to the budgeted sum available for the year, although recommendations may be made which either leave an unspent balance at year end, or which require supplementary funding from the General Fund, provided these are in reasonable proportion to the overall total for the year

Agendas and Minutes


8 Feb 2023
7 Jun 2023
13 Sep 2023
6 Dec 2023

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