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The Council comprises eighteen elected members – six representing each of three electoral wards (Bridge, Castle, and Priory), and it employs fourteen staff (8 full-time). This will change in 2019, due to a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission, when a fourth Ward will be introduced – Lewes Central – although there will still be 18 seats in total. Council meets approximately every five weeks and often creates working-parties for large projects or short tasks. These can co-opt additional members from the community.

Annabella Ashby

Castle WardGreen
07814 198807
I have worked in local government in professional and managerial positions and for 10 years in the Improvement and Development Agency, a central advisory agency for local government in England & Wales. The Green Party’s philosophy which views social, economic and environmental issues as a whole and connective system rather than separate parts, runs to the heart of a way of thinking that I share and which I believe will bring benefit to all.

Janet Baah (Mayor)

Bridge WardLib Dem
07709 968337
Awaiting bio from Janet Baah

Adam Barker

Priory WardIndependent Green
07884 312232
I have been employed in the public sector all my working life and believe that high quality public services which are accesible to all are fundamental to a sustainable and fair society. As a father of three, I am keen to create opportunities for young people to work and live in the town, ensuring Lewes retains its unique culture and remains a vibrant and diverse community.

Richard Burrows

Bridge WardLib Dem
01273 480423
Awaiting bio from Richard Burrows


Priory WardIndependent
01273 476869
Awaiting bio from Catlin

Michael Chartier

Castle WardLib Dem
01273 472019
Awaiting bio from Michael Chartier

Will Elliot

Bridge WardLib Dem
01273 487799
Awaiting bio from Will Elliot

Huw Jones

Castle WardIndependent
01273 473797
Awaiting bio from Huw Jones

John Lamb

Bridge WardLib Dem
01273 473886
Awaiting bio from John Lamb

Imogen Makepeace

Priory WardGreen
07831 106777
There are so many things we could improve in Lewes, like truly affordable housing, parking, employment conditions, childcare provision and access to a GP. Big changes are coming to the town; in North Street, Harvey's Depot, the Magistrate's Court. There is a sense of frustration with old-style politics and a vision of something better. I see that it is possible to make a difference and I have the energy and commitment to create change.

Graham Mayhew

Priory WardIndependent
01273 472594
Awaiting bio from Graham Mayhew

Merlin Milner

Bridge WardLib Dem
07981 528960
Awaiting bio from Merlin Milner

Roger Murray

Castle WardIndependent Green
01273 473912
I have been proud to serve as a Lewes Town Councillor representing Castle ward for the last four years and am delighted to be able to continue representing Lewes residents at council and responding to the needs of our community.

Susan Murray

Castle WardIndependent Green
01273 473912
I have been a Lewes town councillor for the past eight years and it has been an honour to represent both the party and my constituents. I will use the experience I have gained to the work of the district council. I believe that only the Green Party combines a commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice and that this ethos will bring a sorely needed new perspective to the work of the district council.

Ruth O’Keeffe

Priory WardIndependent
07941 151989
Awaiting bio from Ruth O’Keeffe

Chelsea Renton

Bridge WardGreen
07818 064456
Elected 7th December 2017 in a by-election.

Tony Rowell

Priory WardGreen
07740 163590
Activism and pressure groups have a vital role to play in democratising society but we also need councillors with enough influence to champion progressive policies that are fair and consider the environment. The UK has become more unequal over the past 30 years due to the major parties embracing neo-liberalism and individualism. I will articulate an alternative message in council and beyond which challenges the status quo and provides a voice that promotes the ‘common good’ which means a more equal, just, tolerant, and fair society for the future.

Esther Watts

Castle WardGreen
07809 332387

I am a former teacher and currently work for the Alzheimer’s Society, my work for which involves getting disparate groups to move towards a common goal.

My experience will help in listening to the public, working on local policy and helping achieve consensus to drive change.

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