A quick note about the Allotment Show

We are proud to provide over 200 allotments across our six allotment sites, and we know how much hard work many of our tenants put into cultivating and maintaining their plots. You might have noticed that the annual Allotment Show hasn’t taken place this year. We wanted to take a moment to explain what happened:

The decision not to hold an allotment show in 2023 was not taken easily, and was based on availability of staff and resources. We are keen to reassure people that the decision not to hold the show this year is one taken as a temporary measure.

The Town Council has recently been recruiting to fill gaps in our staffing capacity. While some roles have been vacant, decisions have been made to prioritise essential tasks and services, as well as to maintain a realistic workload for our officers.

We appreciate that this has come as a disappointment to some people, but the Allotment Show, while traditional and well loved, requires significant planning, resources and staff time to facilitate. This year it would not have been possible to host the show to the standard expected.

We are aware of public comments by current and former town councillors about their ideas and ambitions for the event, and as always, we will be reviewing our programme of events and activities during our budget setting process later in the year. As a council we are also passionate about taking action on environmental issues and championing sustainable, home-grown or locally sourced produce, and are always delighted to see the wonderful crops that our allotment growers have produced. Councillors also have the opportunity to bring matters of importance to the attention of the full council, or its committees that they are members of.

Further questions, comments or ideas regarding the Allotment Show, allotment service or other council business should be directed to