Lewes Town Council Community Grants

Lewes Castle

A grants fund to support Lewes Town is agreed every year within the Council’s annual budget and Community Grants of up to £2,000 per application are disbursed four times each year.

For over 20 years the Council has operated a scheme that has aided hundreds of community groups and organizations with cash grants to support their projects or, sometimes, their basic running costs. These sit alongside larger grants each year to organisations like Citizens’ Advice and support for community bus services.

The objectives of the Community Grants Scheme are to help maintain a vibrant community sector in the town, with particular emphasis on groups and non-commercial organisations who support the Council’s vision which covers:

  • Sustainable transport: related infrastructure and signage, cycling routes, bus transport
  • Openness: engagement; consultation; partnership
  • Trees and biodiversity: wildlife and the environment, open spaces
  • Support for equality, diversity and inclusion, and specifically disadvantaged and under-represented groups and foodbanks

How to apply

Applications for funding of up to £2,000 will be accepted. Larger sums may be considered, but there is a different process for these applications. Please see the Major Funding Applications page for more details.

We will consider financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of the community. Applications can be made for help towards a special project, or the everyday running costs of your organisation. We do not normally support commercial organisations. Full details are available in the Community Grants application pack.

Please apply by downloading and completing the Community Grants application pack, then send it by email to townclerk@lewes-tc.gov.uk. If you have any questions or difficulties with this application pack, please contact us.

The application deadlines for Community Grants in 2022 to 2023 are:

  • Friday 20th May 2022
  • Friday 2nd September 2022
  • Friday 25th November 2022
  • Friday 27th January 2023

What happens next?

We assess the grant applications we have received at four Grants Panel meetings each year and inform applicants of the outcome after the Panel meets and its decision is approved at a Full Council meeting.

The Grants Panel will meet to assess applications on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 8th June 2022
  • Wednesday 14th September 2022
  • Wednesday 7th December 2022
  • Wednesday 8th February 2023

The Full Council meetings where the applications will be approved are:

  • 23rd June 2022
  • 6th October 2022
  • 15th December 2022
  • 23rd February 2023

Other forms of funding

The Lewes Fund, organised by Sussex Giving, consider grant applications up to £5000, with regular deadlines throughout the year.

East Sussex County Council have a monthly newsletter with up to date news on funding sources, subscribe here

You can also search for sources of funding on the East Sussex 4 Community site or Lewes District Council’s website.

Previous grants 

Grants awarded in 2021 to 2022
Grants awarded in 2020 to 2021
Grants awarded in 2019 to 2020
Grants awarded in 2018 to 2019
Grants awarded in 2017 to 2018
Grants awarded in 2016 to 2017