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Council meets approximately every five weeks and may decide to create working-parties for large projects or short tasks.  These can, and sometimes do, co-opt additional members from the community.

Planning applications are considered by a standing committee that meets every three weeks to agree local comments on applications being submitted to the Planning Authority (The South Downs National Park Authority)

Our currently-active Committees and Working Parties are listed below.

There are also functional panels for internal matters: Personnel;  Internal Audit/Corporate Governance (which also acts as a complaints panel in the event of complaints about the Council by the public); oversight of the All Saints Centre, and a financial Grants Panel, which assesses grant applications four times each year.

PUBLIC ATTENDANCE:  Members of the public have the right, and are welcome, to attend meetings of the Council and its Working Parties – QUESTIONS regarding items on the agenda may be heard at the start of each meeting with the Chairman’s consent, subject to time available.  Questions or requests to address the Council should, whenever possible, be submitted in writing to the Town Clerk at least 24 hours in advance.  For more information on how to ask questions, please contact the Town Clerk.

General questions about the work of the Council can be raised at our offices between 9am-5pm Mons- Thurs 9am- 4pm on Fridays – when our staff will be pleased to assist.

All Saints Centre Steering Group

Following the demise in 2001 of the All Saints Trust (who had leased the All Saints Centre since it was gifted to the Town Council in the early 1980’s) the Council decided that it wished to continue direct management of the All Saints Centre. The Centre has continued to enjoy great popularity, offering an eclectic range of events and activities, whilst running on very informal lines and remaining true to the original church covenant requiring it to be used as a community arts and youth centre. The Steering Group exists to maintain oversight of the Centre and periodically consider the detail of proposals and projects, and make recommendations to assist the Council.

Richard Burrows, Catlin, Michael Chartier, Merlin Milner, Roger Murray, Susan Murray, Chelsea Renton,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Audit and Governance Panel

The Audit & Governance Panel meets at least 3 times per year,  following the ends of financial quarters, with a remit to monitor treasury management and budgets. All responsibilities for routine oversight imposed by the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 ss26 & 27 and The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI2015/234) - detailed in the code of Governance and Accountability for Smaller Authorities in England - are undertaken by the Panel and reported to Council The Panel also acts as a public complaints review panel should the need arise.

Adam Barker, Catlin, Will Elliot, Merlin Milner, Tony Rowell,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Buildings Working Party

To undertake the refurbishment of Malling Community Centre and formulate recommendations for its future management. To consider matters of property maintenance at all Council properties

Michael Chartier, John Lamb, Merlin Milner, Susan Murray, Roger Murray, Catlin, Graham Mayhew, Tony Rowell,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Commemorations Working Party

Set up to look, in the first instance, at ways of celebrating significant events in 2012, with its remit extended to include celebration of the Battle of Lewes in 2014 and now running to 2019 as World War One events continue.

Catlin, Michael Chartier, Graham Mayhew, Roger Murray, Imogen Makepeace, Susan Murray,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Communications Working Party

To review the council’s public engagement. Its remit, it was suggested, should be to look at all forms of communication between the Council and the public, electronic communication and other forms of written and spoken communications.

Annabella Ashby, Catlin, Will Elliot, Huw Jones, Imogen Makepeace, Susan Murray, Ruth O’Keeffe, Tony Rowell, Esther Watts,

Meetings Agendas and minutes


Lewes Town Council is the parish council for the civil parish of Lewes.  It is a statutory body consisting of Eighteen representatives who are elected every four years.  Every seat on the Town Council has traditionally been contested in elections by several candidates.

Adam Barker, Annabella Ashby, Esther Watts, Huw Jones, Imogen Makepeace, Janet Baah, John Lamb, Merlin Milner, Michael Chartier, Richard Burrows, Ruth O’Keeffe, Catlin, Susan Murray, Tony Rowell, Will Elliot, Roger Murray, Graham Mayhew, Chelsea Renton,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Diversity Working Party

  The Diversity Working Party was set up with a request to, following training, further consider the matter of a Diversity Policy. The Equality Act 2010 allows for positive action in general for the advancement of equality. The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) requires a Council to have ‘due regard’ to three aims, as part of its decision-making process.  The three aims are:
  • Eliminating unlawful discrimination harassment and victimisation;
  • Advancing equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not;
  • Fostering good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not. Fostering good relations is about tackling prejudice and promoting understanding between people from different groups.
Council has acknowledged its responsibilities in this regard, and has in place appropriate policies related to employment, and engagement with the community It was nonetheless proposed that a working party be set up to look at policies used by other Councils.

Annabella Ashby, Janet Baah, Adam Barker, Catlin, Will Elliot, Huw Jones, Imogen Makepeace, Susan Murray, Ruth O’Keeffe, Tony Rowell, Esther Watts,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Finance Working Party

This working party convenes at least once each year, usually in October or November, to review draft budgets for the forthcoming year.  Budgets for all Council services; fees and charges; special project items and earmarked financial Reserves are reviewed and recommendations made to Council for approval and the setting of a precept on Council Tax for the next year.

Michael Chartier, Susan Murray, Ruth O’Keeffe, Roger Murray, Graham Mayhew, Huw Jones,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Highway verge maintenance Working Party

Appointed in February 2018 to look into the maintenance of grass verges bordering highways within the town, in response to an announcement by East Sussex County Council that grass verges previously cut eight times each year would in future be cut only twice, unless parish councils either paid for more or assumed responsibility for all cutting.

Catlin, John Lamb, Imogen Makepeace, Susan Murray, Ruth O’Keeffe, Chelsea Renton,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Pells Pool Community Association Liaison

The working party helps maintain our working relationship with the Pells Pool Community Association (PPCA), who are licensed to manage the swimming pool each Summer; and to develop a long-term joint vision on which future developments at the Pool can be based.

Merlin Milner, Roger Murray, Esther Watts, Huw Jones, John Lamb,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Planning and Conservation Committee

The Council has delegated authority to the Planning Committee:
  • To consider all matters relating to the use and development of land affecting, or likely to affect, the Town area and its environs.
  • To exercise the power and duties of the Council in respect of the powers conferred on it from time to time under the Town and Country Planning Acts and the Orders and Regulations made thereunder including:
    • development control
    • the local plan process
  • To respond on behalf of the Council to all Consultations by the District and County Councils on planning applications, Tree Preservation Orders and related matters;
  • To monitor, review and where necessary make recommendations to the Council for amendments to the planning consultation procedure;
  • To consider and make recommendations to the Council regarding any matter related to the role of the Town Council in terms of planning and planning consultation processes.
  • To consider and make recommendations to the Council regarding transport and travel related issues generally and specifically with regard to:
    • The transport and highway impact and implications of planning applications;
    • Local and Transport plans and modifications thereto;
    • Proposals for promoting (either directly or indirectly) community transport schemes within the Town
    • Highway and related matters
    • Signage and Streetscape-related matters
  • To respond on behalf of the Council to consultations received from the District and County Councils regarding on‑street and off‑street parking matters and Highway and Traffic Orders.

Catlin, John Lamb, Roger Murray, Susan Murray, Merlin Milner, Annabella Ashby, Janet Baah,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Policies Review Working Party

This working party is convened when necessary to review current policies, to ensure they are in line with latest law and best-practice.

Michael Chartier, Graham Mayhew, Susan Murray, Ruth O’Keeffe, Janet Baah, Catlin, Imogen Makepeace, Tony Rowell,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

Transport Issues Working Party

Originally set up to research traffic-related problems in Lewes and formulate recommendations to Council. The group will consider any matters related to traffic (including volume and speed) holistically across the town. Recognized issues include (but are not limited to) the Kingston Road C7; Malling Hill and the A26, the Offham Road A275; Brighton Road; “secondary” routes such as Mayhew Way, South Street, and Bell Lane, and other long-standing issues such as noise-nuisance from the A27 Lewes by-pass; a 20mph limit in the town centre; and pedestrian safety in Station Street. Matters associated with traffic safety, such as parking; are considered in context.

Catlin, Will Elliot, John Lamb, Imogen Makepeace, Susan Murray, Ruth O’Keeffe, Merlin Milner, Huw Jones, Roger Murray, Tony Rowell, Esther Watts,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

UN Sustainable Development Goals Working Party

Council was asked to note the UN Sustainable Development goals, which are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. It was recognised that achievement of the goals requires action at all levels from the international to the local, from organisations to individuals and from national government to parishes. The working party working party was established with three main purposes:- A         To assess the current activities of the Town Council against the 17 over-arching goals, as well as their sub-categories, to establish what we are doing to help bring about the goals. B          To look at what further activities the Town Council might promote that would enable Lewes to make its contribution towards achieving the goals. C          To create a snapshot report against which all future activities can be measured.

Annabella Ashby, Janet Baah, Imogen Makepeace, Roger Murray, Susan Murray,

Meetings Agendas and minutes

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