Lewes Town Council provides garden allotment plots on several sites in the town.

Renting an allotment is an inexpensive way of ensuring you have a healthier and greener way of life. 

We do not own all allotment sites in the town. Other allotment sites not managed by Lewes Town Council include the Boughey Memorial Allotments at Earwig Corner, owned by Lewes District Council and managed by an allotment association for the benefit of Lewes residents and Malling Down, owned by Sussex Wildlife Trust.

Allotment tenancies

In March 2021 Lewes Town Council adopted a new set of policies for the letting and management of its allotments. All tenants and prospective tenants will be provided with a copy of the policy statement and guidance for tenants.

Allotments may be used for growing vegetables, flowers or fruit, but not for commercial sale.

We operate waiting lists, and prospective tenants can specify their first and second choice of site for the next available plot. Some plots remain quite large, dating from the earliest days of the sites, but these are subdivided to create new plots for waiting gardeners whenever the opportunity arises.

To discuss allotments, please email our Allotments Officer at

Bee-keeping on our allotments

We allow the keeping of beehives provided the majority of other tenants do not object, and beekeepers must agree to special conditions. Beekeepers are expected to be experienced, or to have close guidance from an experienced beekeeper. The beekeeper is expected to follow guidance from the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) regarding allotment beekeeping and recommended acceptable practice. We prefer beekeepers to be members of a beekeeping association which is itself a member of the BBKA, or at least be a member of a local beekeeping group., but are happy to consider independent beekeepers.

Ponds on our allotments

Well-positioned, well-constructed and well-maintained wildlife ponds are welcome on our allotments. There are important guidelines for constructing a wildlife pond on your Lewes Town Council allotment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to rent a plot

If you are interested in renting a plot you can contact us. Please state which is your preferred site but please note that availability may be limited, in which case you can choose to go on a waiting list or you can opt for a plot at a different site. 

If you wish to proceed with renting a plot you will be asked to sign an Allotment Tenancy Agreement 

How do I qualify?

You must live in the Lewes parish boundary, not necessarily have Lewes in your address. To determine whether or not you are within the boundary, check your council tax bill to see which parish or town council you pay a proportion to. If it is Lewes Town Council you qualify for one of our allotments, if not you should apply for an allotment to the council that you are part of. 

How much does it cost?

Allotment plots are measured out in rods, with 1 rod being approximately 25 square metres. The most common sized plots are 5 or 10 rods but there are plots smaller than 5 rods.  

Yearly Rental Charges from 1 April 2024

  • £6.24 per rod

Rent is paid on an annual basis, normally due in October.

We send renewal invoices by email where we have an email address in September. Please do not pay until you receive your invoice. If you have taken on an allotment between April and October your rent will be charged pro rata.

Can I have a bonfire?

Tenants can have bonfires, however they need to observe common sense and respect for the comfort of the residents in the surrounding areas and the potential nuisance which may be caused by the lighting of bonfires on allotment gardens and problems that can be caused by smoke emanating from the fire.

Allotment tenants are reminded of potential nuisance which may be caused by the lighting of bonfires and the problems that can be caused by smoke emanating from the fire. We are confident that most allotment holders are responsible and thoughtful in this respect, and simply ask tenants to examine the way they have bonfires and of the need to observe common sense and respect for the comfort of the residents in the surrounding areas

Will there be an inspection?

Yes. The Town Ranger inspects allotment sites regularly. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that all plots are being cultivated, weed-free and kept safe and tidy in general. 

If on an inspection, or after a complaint a plot is found to be untidy and uncultivated we send a letter to the tenant. A further inspection is carried out within 4 weeks after the notice period has expired, and if there are no improvements in cultivation a notice of termination will be sent. 

Can I erect a structure or fence?

Tenants must not erect any building, shed or covering structure (except for small, low-lying, non-permanent poly-tunnels/cloches) without the written consent of Lewes Town Council. Tenants must allow 30 days between their written request and any decision. Where a decision is reached, instructions on size and location of the structure will be included and must be followed. 

What if I am moving house?

Tenants must notify Lewes Town Council of any changes to their address or status. Lewes Town Council allotments are for residents of Lewes town. It is recognised that there are a few allotment holders who have moved to neighbouring villages but are in other respects in good standing and continue to care for their plot. They will be permitted to retain their allotments until they choose to relinquish their tenancy, but all new lettings from 1 April 2021 will be restricted to Lewes residents. 

How do I give notice?

A tenant may voluntarily relinquish the allotment before any year end, but no rebate will be payable. Please inform us in writing as soon as you have decided to give up the plot and ensure that it is in a good state to be cultivated again by a new tenant.

How do I make a complaint about a tenant?

If you have a complaint to make about the condition of a plot or the behaviour of one of the allotment tenants, please contact us

How do I report an incident?

We aim to keep all allotment sites safe and secure. 

Should you witness any incidents please report them in the first instance to the police on 101 (999 if an emergency) who will issue a crime number.

Lewes Town Council should be made aware of any reports to the police and the crime number as soon as possible.