Public Amenities

Bins, bus shelters, benches etc

Public amenities

This covers a wide range of things, some of which we own, such as bus shelters; public seating; litter bins; and features such as the Battle of Lewes interpretation board at the Castle Precincts viewing point and historic building plaques. There are other things we don’t own, but which we help to support, like the Sussex Police CCTV camera network in the town; bicycle parking racks, and town centre flower baskets in season.

Many of these amenities are long-standing, like the Everycast-iron bench seats made by the old Phoenix Iron Works in Lewes in the 1930s and lovingly restored by a past Town Ranger to as-new condition. We are often asked to adopt new features (eg bus shelters) that have arisen from a nearby development, or are the desire of a local group or association, such as a memorial seat.

We also include under this heading our financial support fund for local residents’ associations to provide amenities such as winter road-salt bins in their neighbourhood, and cash we may give from time in partnership with bodies like the Friends of Lewes (the town’s Civic Society) for appropriate heritage designs when historic street lights or other features are threatened with replacement by utilitarian modern designs.

If you wish to enquire about dedicating a public seat in memoriam, or represent a Lewes resident’s group that wishes to provide amenities in your area, please contact us at .

Things can get quite confusing in these public realm matters, as we do not, for instance, own all the bus shelters, bench seats, or litter bins.  We own around 130 bench seats and around 50 litter-bins which are disposed around the town, and 15 bus shelters.  There are many others which may be owned by a bus company; Lewes District Council; East Sussex County Council, or someone else entirely!

Also falling under this heading are the Town Clock – hanging from the tower at St Michael’s church in the High Street, and the turret clock mounted in the tower that tops Fitzroy House; but we do not own either of the buildings to which the clocks are attached! Similarly; we own the statue commemorating Tom Paine, which was gifted to the town, which sits on the plaza outside Lewes Library; but not the plaza itself.

Our staff are very happy to help if you have something to report, or a general enquiry, about these public-realm features, and will usually know where to refer your enquiry if it proves not to be a Town Council matter.

Our Town Ranger is often to be seen out and about in the town, inspecting and otherwise generally looking after these features, and will happily try to answer any questions if you bump into him.

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