Buildings and Amenities Committee


Matthew Bird Chair

James Gardiner

Edwina Livesey

Dr Wendy Maples

Imogen Makepeace

Jonathan Vernon

Kevin West


Shall meet six times a year (bi-monthly), shall consist of seven Members, have a quorum of four, and shall be delegated to make decisions on behalf of the Council in the following matters:

  • provision, maintenance, management, marketing and service function of Council property/buildings, land, recreation areas, and street furniture and to work within the individual delegated authority budget;
  • consultation with other relevant bodies with similar interests, including other Town Council committees and sub-committees, and consideration of their recommendations to encourage the use of cultural, sporting and community activities for the benefit of the residents and visitors of Lewes parish;
  • maximisation of the use of the present Council recreational facilities;
  • maintenance and upkeep of all vehicles and equipment used for grounds maintenance purposes;
  • monitor and commission regular inspections of Council’s land and buildings, recreation areas and street furniture, report back to Committee, and carry out improvements within budgetary provision and recommend to Council any matters outside this budgetary provision;
  • to maintain the register of all Town Council property and ensure and maintain its registered title at the Land Registry;
  • maintain the exterior and structural fabric of all Council buildings/structures;
  • consider the securing and security of all Council property and land, recreation areas and street furniture and make recommendations to the appropriate committee or Council;
  • ensure Council complies with the requirement of covenants etc. on each area;
  • develop management plans for the future needs of each area and submit to the Finance Committee an annual budget estimate of income and expenditure;
  • review tree surveys for all areas and approve a schedule of recommended management work
  • acceptance of tenders and supervision of contracted projects – provided expenditure is within the budgetary provision and is for areas within the scope of the committee;
  • liaise with allotment holders and inspect plots regularly;
  • community safety and CCTV liaison with partners;
  • aspects of Health and Safety that fall within the remit of the Committee and report any issues back to the Finance Committee;
  • review the level of fees and charges of the Committee’s functions and make recommendations to the Finance Committee;
  • active encouragement and promotion of the arts in Lewes parish, and
  • liaison with Wildflower Lewes and Friends of Lewes and other similar organisations.

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