Edwina Livesey

Party: Lib Dem
Ward: Priory

Contact details

Edwina has lived in Lewes for 22 years and has been a long-standing employee of both Sussex Archaeological Society, where she worked as an Education Officer and led projects including the Battle of Lewes Project and Lewes Bones, and for East Sussex College, where she has worked as a lecturer in both Business and History. She currently works in Student Services there, helping to link students with local employers.

She was a Founder Director of the Lewes Light Festival, and enjoys sharing the heritage of Lewes through guided walks, most recently for the Walk This Way festival in March.She is passionate about nature conservation, and has recently qualified in Countryside Management at Plumpton College.

As a member of the Council, she is particularly interested in the natural world, our wonderful buildings and heritage, and in opportunities for young people. She is a proud member of Southover Bonfire Society.