Kevin West

Party: Lib Dem
Ward: Priory

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I have lived in Lewes for 14 years, bringing up my family here with my wife, Helena. I love Lewes Priory and what the area has given to me and my family. My aim is to protect and enhance our town’s green spaces and environment and ensure that Lewes Priory, including Nevill and Wallands areas, continues to be the is a great place to live that I know that it is.

As an active member of Southover Bonfire Society, I want to keep our traditions alive and ensure that Bonfire continues to bring people together from all our communities.

Working in IT and Finance for 30 years, I will bring these skills to bear in my role as a town councillor. I have been elected as a Liberal Democrat but I will represent everyone in our Town, will work hard for you and be your local champion.