Faith services

A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will take place at St Anne’s Church, The Parish Church of Lewes, Western Road at 6.30 pm on Sunday 18 September. All are welcome to attend.

Light refreshments will be available between 7.30 and 8pm, followed by a 1 minute silence which will be observed at 8pm outside the Church led by the Mayor, as part of the National Moment of Reflection.

Information on other services will be updated as it is received.

National Moment of Reflection

As the Country prepares for the State Funeral on Monday, The Palace have confirmed that the public have been invited to take part in a National Moment of Reflection to mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and reflect on her life and legacy.

The National Moment of Reflection will take place at 8pm on Sunday 18th September and be marked by a one-minute silence.

The silence can be marked privately at home, with friends and family, out on doorsteps or the street with neighbours, or at locally arranged community events and vigils.

Community groups, clubs and other organisations across the country are encouraged to take part and people overseas are also encouraged to observe the one-minute silence at 8pm local time.

Should you wish to participate, below is a template which you may wish to follow to help make your event go smoothly.

Event Template:
By 19.55 members of the community will gather at [location].

At 19.58 the convener of the event will say:

“Thank you all for gathering here this evening for this brief vigil on the eve of the funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“In a few moments we will join with people across the United Kingdom in a Moment of Silent Reflection. The start and end of the Minute here will be marked by a [chosen sound, whistle, bell etc]. During the Minute we will have an opportunity, in silence, to reflect on the lifetime of service which Her late Majesty devoted to the United Kingdom, the Realms and Territories and to the Commonwealth.

“The Queen was sure in her faith and steadfast in her duty, bringing constancy through 70 years of change.  We will remember Her late Majesty with affection and gratitude and silently give thanks in our hearts for her unswerving devotion to us and to our Country.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is now approaching 8.00 p.m.”

At 20.00 a [chosen sound, whistle, bell etc] marks the beginning of the silence

Silence will be kept

At 20.01 the [chosen sound, whistle, bell etc] marks the end of the silence

The vigil concludes with all present saying:

God Save The King and the singing of the National Anthem