Lewes Town Council offers support, sympathy and solidarity to Ukraine and refugees

Lewes Town Council stands with the people of Ukraine and those residents of Lewes who have friends and relatives in Ukraine in condemning its invasion by Russia. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this conflict, and we want to offer solidarity, support and sympathy.

We are appalled by the oppression and subjugation of an independent country. We look to our Government to act decisively on the international stage and call on the Government to suspend visa requirements for those fleeing the conflict.

We stand ready to support those organisations arranging aid during this crisis and want to do everything in our power to make all refugees welcome. We will do whatever we can to avoid purchasing items or services supplied from Russian companies, and we urge all other local authorities and businesses to do the same.

Although Lewes is limited in what it can do about international events, we know our community will do all they can to support those in peril and displaced by the conflict and hope that East Sussex as a whole stands with us.

If you would like to show your support, sympathy and solidarity, please visit our dedicated Ukraine page for the latest updates on local campaigns and way to help.