St Pancras School COP26 video: The Future Awaits

Lewes Town Council’s United Nation Sustainable Development Goals Working Party invited local schools to participate in the COP26 conference by submitting a video that focuses on tackling climate change.

The pupils of St Pancras Catholic Primary School created a rousing video called ‘The Future Awaits’. One of their KS2 classes had been inspired to write a song about COP26, and when the school heard about this exciting opportunity, that song rapidly expanded into a music video including all the other classes!

The children are extremely passionate about this subject, and really enjoyed producing the video. We are hoping it will be shown at COP26 and we are making plans for it to be shown elsewhere.

The song, The Future Awaits and a ‘behind the scenes’ on how it was made can be seen on the St Pancras School website.