Sunflowers at Lewes War Memorial

As part of continuing Town Council support for the crisis in Ukraine, The Mayor and Councillor Emily Clarke installed homemade sunflowers and plaques at the Lewes War Memorial to show support to Ukraine.

Cllr Stephen Catlin by the Lewes War Memorial planting wooden sunflowers

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine and has been used a symbol of peace throughout the country’s history.

At its extraordinary meeting in March, the Town Council agreed to show visual support for Ukraine, such as flying the Ukrainian flag whenever possible, as well as establishing a charity disaster fund, offering its facilities free of charge for humanitarian action regarding the crisis in Ukraine and having a book of support in the Town Hall Foyer. The Council agreed that placing sunflowers on the War Memorial sent a strong message of solidarity for Ukraine.

Councillor Clarke said: “During the school holiday my boys got crafty and we made these wooden plaques and sunflowers”.

For more details on how to share solidarity, support and sympathy with Ukraine please visit our regularly updated Ukraine page.