The Mayor of Lewes


Each year the council elects one of its members as the Mayor of Lewes, as well as a Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor is elected by members of Lewes Town Council at the Annual Council Meeting which takes place in May (also known as Mayor-Making) and takes the office of Mayor for one year.

The Deputy Mayor will substitute for the Mayor when they are not available, and is often the Mayor Elect.

The Mayor for 2023 to 2024 is Councillor Matthew Bird.

The Deputy Mayor for 2023 to 2024 is Councillor Imogen Makepeace.

The Council Chaplain is Reverend Ben Brown.

Mayoral Engagement form

To request the Mayor’s presence at your event, please download and fill in the form and email it to

Official Portrait of Cllr Matt Bird, Mayor of Lewes for the year 2023-2024

The Mayor’s activities

The Mayor of Lewes’ activities, highlighting their attendance at events and showcasing the many activities they participate in can be found on a published notice of Mayoral events found outside the Town Hall each month.

Invite the Mayor to your function

The Mayor attends a variety of events throughout the year in and around Lewes. Events range from business openings to award presentations.

The Mayor is happy to attend events in Lewes. Arrangements for Mayoral visits can be requested through the Mayor’s office by:

  • filling in the form below and emailing it to
  • telephoning the Civic Officer on 01273 471469
  • in writing, addressed to the Civic Officer, Mayor’s Parlour, Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2QS

How to address the Mayor

The full correct description on letters and envelopes is: The Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Firstname Lastname. A letter should start with “Dear Mr/Madam Mayor”. 

When greeting the Mayor it is correct to say, for example: “Good evening Mr/Madam Mayor”. 

In speeches, one would say, for example, “We are pleased to have with us the Mayor of Lewes, Councillor and their first and last name”.  In the preamble to a speech being made in the town one would say “Mr/Madam Mayor”.  If it is the host who is making the speech, he/she would refer to the Mayor first in the preamble unless a member of the Royal Family is present. 

Unless they are chairing, the Mayor should be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman or host at any function in the town. If other dignitaries are invited, such as the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff of East Sussex, Chair of Lewes District Council, please seek advice from Town Council officers on the correct protocol. 

How to address the Deputy Mayor

The correct description on letters and envelopes is: The Deputy Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Firstname Lastname, or more simply “The Deputy Mayor”. If the Deputy Mayor is present without the Mayor and is representing them, then they have the same precedence as the Mayor would have if they were present.

In speeches, one would say “We are pleased to have with us, The Deputy Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Firstname Lastname”. At the commencement of the speech they would be referred to as Deputy Mayor though later in the speech for simplicity they could be referred to as Deputy.

If both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are present the Deputy ranks immediately after the Mayor.

Mayor’s News

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