The Mayor of Lewes


Each year the council elects one of its members as the Mayor of Lewes, as well as a Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor is elected by members of Lewes Town Council at the Annual Council Meeting which takes place in May (also known as Mayor-Making) and takes the office of Mayor for one year.

The Deputy Mayor will substitute for the Mayor when they are not available, and is often the Mayor Elect.

The Mayor for 2022 to 2023 is Councillor Shirley-Anne Sains.

The Deputy Mayor for 2022 to 2023 is Councillor Matthew Bird.

The Council Chaplain is Reverend Ben Brown.

Mayoral Engagement form

To request the Mayor’s presence at your event, please download and fill in the form and email it to

Lewes Mayor for 2022 to 2023 Shirley-Anne Sains

The Mayor’s activities

The Mayor of Lewes’ activities, highlighting their attendance at events and showcasing the many activities they participate in can be found on a published notice of Mayoral events found outside the Town Hall each month.

Invite the Mayor to your function

The Mayor attends a variety of events throughout the year in and around Lewes. Events range from business openings to award presentations.

The Mayor is happy to attend events in Lewes. Arrangements for Mayoral visits can be requested through the Mayor’s office by:

  • filling in the form below and emailing it to
  • telephoning the Civic Officer on 01273 471469
  • in writing, addressed to the Civic Officer, Mayor’s Parlour, Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2QS

How to address the Mayor

The full correct description on letters and envelopes is: The Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Firstname Lastname. A letter should start with “Dear Mr/Madam Mayor”. 

When greeting the Mayor it is correct to say, for example: “Good evening Mr/Madam Mayor”. 

In speeches, one would say, for example, “We are pleased to have with us the Mayor of Lewes, Councillor and their first and last name”.  In the preamble to a speech being made in the town one would say “Mr/Madam Mayor”.  If it is the host who is making the speech, he/she would refer to the Mayor first in the preamble unless a member of the Royal Family is present. 

Unless they are chairing, the Mayor should be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman or host at any function in the town. If other dignitaries are invited, such as the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff of East Sussex, Chair of Lewes District Council, please seek advice from Town Council officers on the correct protocol. 

How to address the Deputy Mayor

The correct description on letters and envelopes is: The Deputy Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Firstname Lastname, or more simply “The Deputy Mayor”. If the Deputy Mayor is present without the Mayor and is representing them, then they have the same precedence as the Mayor would have if they were present.

In speeches, one would say “We are pleased to have with us, The Deputy Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Firstname Lastname”. At the commencement of the speech they would be referred to as Deputy Mayor though later in the speech for simplicity they could be referred to as Deputy.

If both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are present the Deputy ranks immediately after the Mayor.

Mayor’s News

The new Sovereign is proclaimed in Lewes

The new Sovereign is proclaimed in Lewes

Around the country, gestures of remembrance for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and proclamations of the new King Charles III have been taking place. On Saturday 10 September, the Mayor, Councillor Shirley-Anne Sains, attended Lewes House with Councillor Adrian Ross,...

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The new Mayor of Lewes is Shirley-Anne Sains

The new Mayor of Lewes is Shirley-Anne Sains

The new Town Mayor of Lewes for 2022 to 2023 is Councillor Shirley-Anne Sains. She was officially installed as Mayor at a ceremony on Thursday May 12 during Lewes Town Council’s annual meeting, known as Mayor-making. Councillor Sains says “It is with immense pride...

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Mayor’s Profile

Councillor Shirley-Anne Sains posing for her mayoral portrait

Shirley-Anne Sains (Mayor)

Castle WardLib Dem
I moved to Lewes over 50 years ago to start work in the old Borough Council, I worked in the Borough Treasurers Office in the Council Offices in Fisher Street. I also worked at the Lewes Boys Club when my youngest child started school, at the new Pells Infants School, now sadly no more. I finished my working career with 13 years at the University of Sussex as Co-ordinator and Administrator of the Security Department. I have spent many years surrounded by the problems young people have, I find that whatever the problem, small or large, there is much to be gained by talking and listening and I found I had an empathy with students, much to my surprise. This experience has helped me with being a councillor. My interests include genealogy, ancient Egypt, painting, reading, gardening and local history. I like to, when I can, play bowls, and I am learning the art of archery. I like to visit beautiful gardens and houses and I am a member of the National Trust. Committee member of Landport Residents Association and Trustee of the Landport Youth Centre. I have been a Town Councillor for three years and I enjoy the day to day experience of meeting and connecting with the residents of my ward. My hopes for Lewes include cleaner air, a better traffic system, more recreational facilities, care of our elderly, homes affordable for all and the protection of the unique heritage which we enjoy in this town. During the mayoral year in 2021 to 2022, I was not only the Deputy Mayor but, also Mayoress to Councillor Catlin and the experience has taught me much about the mayoralty. It has also given me great pleasure to serve with Stephen. It is with immense pride that I now hold the office of Mayor of Lewes and I shall strive to uphold the traditions of this amazing town and maybe I can give back a small part of what this town has given me.