Malling Community Centre

Malling (Bridgeview) Community Centre was built in the early 1970s and has been extended twice since – once to provide sports changing facilities and once to provide a popular social club. Part of the building now houses East Sussex Children’s Services local centre, and the remaining community space is used for a host of activities and events. The Council has undertaken a comprehensive refurbishment of the Centre which has modernized the building and given a whole new lease of life.

The newly renovated building offers a vibrant community space, with links to outdoor facilities, spaces for public hire, sports changing rooms, and social area/café.

The Centre is open for activities and one-off events, please get in touch if you’d like to make a booking.

Contact us at 01273 407537 or

Hiring enquires are best made by email as the office hours vary, but you need to speak to somebody and don’t get an answer, please contact the Town Hall on 01273 471469 (available 9am – 4pm Monday-Friday).

Please see our “News & Events” pages for the latest information.