Budget summary

Below is a summary of our budget which we trust you will find helpful.

This will be followed as closely as possible although sometimes it is necessary to deviate from plans, for a number of reasons, as the year progresses.  Significant deviations are reported to Council at the earliest opportunity and will feature in published reports/agenda/minutes.  These can be found elsewhere on this website and copies are available on request.

The information presented is a summary of much more detailed underlying service budgets and due to attributes of local government finance and the nature of those services, this may require background information and interpretation to allow the reader to fully-appreciate. We are very happy to assist in this regard, on request, and to receive questions.

Throughout the year our internal Audit & Governance Panel carries out routine scrutiny and comparisons of the actual performance to our budget estimates, as well as a number of statutory tasks to check for appropriate management of value and risk; due diligence in day-to-day operations, and the proper observance of internal control systems and processes.  This Panel reports to Council and these also feature in published reports/agenda/minutes.  Again, these can be found elsewhere on this website and copies are available on request.

We also publish our annual accounts which contain detailed notes.  Our year runs from 1st April to 31st March and these accounts, together with full reports from our independent Auditor and our statutory Annual Return are usually published in June each year.  These also show details of funds and financial reserves established for specific project purposes or towards planned maintenance and repairs.

GENERAL QUESTIONS can be raised at our offices between 9am and 5pm Mons- Thurs; 9am and 4pm on Fridays – our staff will be pleased to assist.  DETAILED ENQUIRIES are best directed, in the first instance, to the Town Clerk; who is also the Councils ‘Responsible Finance Officer’ under the provisions of s151 of the Local Government Act 1972, and manages the Council’s finances and its services and operations.

Budget summary 2020-21 (April 2020 – March 2021)

Budget summary 2021-22 (April 2021 – March 2022)

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