Audit and Governance Panel


Dr Janet Baah

Richard Burrows

Imogen Makepeace

Jonathan Vernon

James Herbert

Matthew Bird

Dr Wendy Maples

Emily Clarke

James Gardiner

Kevin West

Dinah Morgan

Nicky Blackwell

Dirk Campbell

Edwina Livesey

Dr Andrew Norris

Nick Tigg

Adrian Ross

Jacob Todd


The Audit and Governance Panel is delegated authority to carry out on behalf of the council aspects of the prevailing national audit and governance regime that call for member oversight of details.


  • The panel is made up of six members, who are not also authorised to sign cheques or other financial instruments, or are already appointed to the Finance Working Party
  • The panel is asked to meet at least three times per year, at a practical time following the ends of the second, third and final financial quarters, with a remit to monitor treasury management and budgets
  • The panel will act as a public complaints review panel should the need arise, making recommendations to council as appropriate
  • Any items where it is necessary to record a member’s signature are to be delegated to the presiding chairperson of the panel
  • All such reviews and signatures are to be detailed in panel minutes, and thereby reported to council at the next appropriate meeting

Agendas and Minutes


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