Landport Bottom Management Committee


Dr Janet Baah

Richard Burrows

Imogen Makepeace

Jonathan Vernon

James Herbert

Matthew Bird

Dr Wendy Maples

Emily Clarke

James Gardiner

Kevin West

Dinah Morgan

Nicky Blackwell

Dirk Campbell

Edwina Livesey

Dr Andrew Norris

Nick Tigg

Adrian Ross

Jacob Todd


The Landport Bottom Management Committee oversees the management of Landport Bottom and the high level of interest and practical involvement from within the community. This committee has eight members.

• To conserve and enhance Landport Bottom as an important feature of the local landscape
• To increase biodiversity by appropriate habitat management
• To protect and conserve the Scheduled Ancient Monuments; Registered Battlefield site, and other important historical features.
• To promote quiet, informal enjoyment of Landport Bottom by the general public.
• To involve the local community in the development and management of the site
• To increase the understanding and awareness of the importance of the site, amongst local people and visitors.
• To manage the site with the Health and Safety of the visitors, staff and volunteers as a high priority.
• To manage stock with the highest welfare standards.
• To maintain current fixed assets to high standards.

Agendas and Minutes


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