Transport Committee


Dr Janet Baah

Matthew Bird

Stephen Catlin

Rob Handy

James Herbert

Imogen Makepeace

Merlin Milner

Ruth O’Keeffe

Jonathan Vernon

Richard Waring

Emily Clarke


This working party was set up to work with statutory bodies (including Lewes District and East Sussex County Councils), agencies, community groups and stakeholders on transport related issues.

• To facilitate a Lewes transport policy that is both sustainable and integrated. This would use the work prepared during the drafting of the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan and earlier work by the Town Council’s Traffic Working Party on a Lewes transport forum, as a starting point
• to work with residents and businesses to consider and possibly fund traffic measures such as crossings, signage and speed limits
• To continue to monitor the LTC-funded Compass bus service, reporting back to council
• To work with the council’s Planning and Conservation Committee, ensuring that any recommendations are reviewed before consideration by council

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