Planning and Conservation Committee


Dr Janet Baah

Richard Burrows

Imogen Makepeace

Jonathan Vernon

James Herbert

Matthew Bird

Dr Wendy Maples

Emily Clarke

James Gardiner

Kevin West

Dinah Morgan

Nicky Blackwell

Dirk Campbell

Edwina Livesey

Dr Andrew Norris

Nick Tigg

Adrian Ross

Jacob Todd


The Planning and Conservation Committee usually meets every three weeks, and three weekly lists of local applications are considered at each meeting. The committee is notified of all planning applications within the parish, and offers local comment on applications, which must be given due consideration by the deciding authority.

The council has delegated authority to the Planning Committee

  • To consider all matters relating to the use and development of land affecting, or likely to affect, the town area and its environs
  • To exercise the power and duties of the council in respect of the powers conferred on it from time to time under the Town and Country Planning Acts and the Orders and Regulations made thereunder including development control and the local plan process
  • To respond on behalf of the council to all consultations by District and County Councils on planning applications, Tree Preservation Orders and related matters
  • To monitor, review and where necessary make recommendations to the council for amendments to the planning consultation procedure
  • To consider and make recommendations to the council regarding any matter related to the role of Lewes Town Council in terms of planning and planning consultation processes
  • To consider and make recommendations to the council regarding transport and travel related issues generally and specifically with regard to the transport and highway impact and implications of planning applications; local and transport plans; proposals for promoting community transport schemes within the town; highway, signage and streetscape-related matters
  • To respond on behalf of the council to consultations received from Lewes District and East Sussex County Councils regarding on‑street and off‑street parking matters, and Highway and Traffic Orders

Agendas and Minutes


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